Our  Thoughts after reading through Matt’s info drop (below this)  – 

*** Matt T.  reinforced Jack Dorsey Damage Control statement twice- once within the 36 points and again in re-post : An amazing subplot of the Twitter/Hunter Biden laptop affair was how much was done without the knowledge of CEO Jack Dorsey, and how long it took for the situation to get “unfucked” (as one ex-employee put it) even after Dorsey jumped in. ***

There is a lot missing from “The Twitter Files”, especially events leading up to events documented here.  We will be bringing up some of the research we were doing back in 2020 on Jack Dorsey and other Big Tech company owners and how they linked together to a Pro-Israel / Tel-Aviv (Secret Service of Israel location)  linked think tank which was assisting in planning everything that happened here prior to these events.

SpyderNET account on Twitter – that was us , the Hack In The System Team – During all this “fuckery”,  due to us creating and sharing memes making fun of Joe “Robinette” Biden, Mainstream Wack Rappers and Boris Johnson – Twitter deleted our 5+ years Twitter Account with over 3k verified users. We were also banned from youtube twice, a paid vimeo account without refund two days after they collected payment for month, as well as Change.org for petitioning youtube.

Archived: 12/3/2022
Originally Published: 12/2/2022
Author: Matt T.
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